3 tasks to do in December

3 tasks to do in December

Tomorrow is already December, can you believe it?

For some people that might seem to be quite a shock. Over the past decades I’ve come across two types of end-of-year people. People who behave differently in December. Possibly because they have too many tasks to do in December.

What kind of end-of-year person are you?

Are you …
the calm, relaxed and at ease type, who is more focussed on next year’s projects?

or the stressed type, who still has to finish so many things and wants to use the season to generate sales?

Of course which stereotype you relate to depends on your mindset and the circumstances around you, like the people you have to work with.

No matter which kind of stereotype you are, these are the three December to-do tasks :

Task 1:

Combine networking and your seasonal greetings. Think of the people you’ve met during this year at events you’ve attended. Contact them with an end-of-year or Christmas message. Use this opportunity to touch base with them, this will make them happy and feel important. In your message you could mention where you met and ask which event they are planning to attend next year. Possibly even suggest to meet up again.

Task 2:

Think of yourself. Someone once told me, he always gets himself a present, because he wants to be sure to have one of his wishes fulfilled. Maybe you are thinking of investing in a professional training. If so, then consider that some training providers have special offers this time of the year. Decide which kind of training you’d like. Is it self-development, time management or would you like to focus on your communication skills? If you’re considering to book a training to improve your English communication skills, then I’d recommend signing up for the English Advent Calendar, starting tomorrow. It’s free of charge and it’s a good opportunity to get to know us, without any obligations. You even have the chance of winning a 60 minute 1 to 1 online training with us in 2019.

Task 3:

This task consists of two parts:

First of all reflect on 2018. Think of what has worked out really well this year. Which goals have you achieved?What did not work out well this year? Why? What can you do to improve that? Which lessons have you learned?

Second plan 2019. I know how difficult it is to plan a whole year in advance. You don’t have to, if it’s too challenging. Plan the first three months instead. Set your goals for 2019 and break them down into achievable steps. Otherwise you might be overwhelmed and frustrated sooner than you think.

That wraps it up for today

I hope you’ve found these three tasks for your to-do list useful.

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Have a wonderful time and take care


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