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Asking Questions a Skill for Everyone?

Yes, absolutely! Asking questions is a skill everyone needs and should have.

Why is asking questions important?

Well, depending on the situation, there are many good reasons for asking questions. Let me tell you about my experience.

I get excited when I get to meet new people; however, that hasn’t always been the case. I remember dreading social or networking events. After working all day, I often felt drained of energy to really engage with new people at such events. I always wanted to make a connection with people instead of just attending (being present). I felt empty and unable to contribute to conversations. Until, I discovered the easy and simple trick of asking questions. This skill was and still is a game changer. No more feeling awkward or not knowing how to start a conversation and how to keep it going. Asking questions has helped me feel more comfortable and at ease.

You can use the skill of asking questions for many reasons, here are my favourite five:

1. Leading & steering conversations  

Whoever asks will lead and steer the conversation in the intended direction.

2. Gathering information

In order to make a connection, it is so important to find common ground with your conversation partner.

3. Understanding a topic or someone’s view

I learn a lot about my conversation partners when I ask them to explain a topic or their point of view. 

4. Generating ideas 

When listening to people in a discussion, I love generating new ideas or views on a topic by asking questions. It broadens my mind. 

5. Eliminating confusion

Sometimes misunderstandings can harm a connection in process. Asking questions has often helped me save connections and relationships. 


In case you think you are too shy or you don’t know how to apply the skill of asking questions, here is one very simple strategy everyone can apply, who hasn’t started asking questions.

What about you?

You can mirror the question as an answer and then just add “What about you?” or even shorter “And you?”. 

That’s the strategy and once you feel more comfortable and confident, you’ll start asking questions yourself.

So, do you have any questions for me?

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That wraps it up for today

I hope you’ve found this useful and you’ll join me again for more tips and solutions, which have helped my students face their challenges in communicating successfully in English and getting their point across.

Have a wonderful time and take care


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