Mit diesem Blog möchten wir Dich unterstützen Deine Englischkenntnisse zu verbessern.
Darin berichten wir von unseren Erfahrungen, behandeln Themen, die manche als Hürde empfinden und zeigen Dir Lösungen.
Der Blog ist in Englisch.

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Asking Questions a Skill for Everyone?
Yes, absolutely! Asking questions is a skill everyone needs and should have. Why is asking questions important? Well, depending on[...]
Different Types of Listeners – Which are You?
Last week's post was about the must-have superpower of listening, while talking about it on the podcast Yvette and I[...]
The Must-Have Superpower: Listening
Listening is the Must-Have Superpower Yes, you've read correctly. I'll repeat it again for you. Listening is the must-have superpower.[...]
The Two Missing Ingredients for Delivering a Memorable Presentation or Speech
Memorable Presentation or Speech So, you've gone through all the steps and strategies I've told you about so far. You've[...]
Language Levels, How Many are There and Which Level do I Have?
"You need to have at least a B2 level of English". Possibly you've heard or read this statement before and have[...]
Remember your Presentation, do not Memorise
Remember not Memorise As a trainer I've often been asked how I manage to remember my scripts and if I[...]
How can I overcome my nervousness?
This is a new part of the series “How can/do I …?“ questions. Today I'm covering tips and strategies on[...]
Presentation Basics the Venue, Equipment, Hardware and the Performance
Presentation Basics, the Venue, Equipment, Hardware and the Performance - just so it's clear this is the final part of[...]
Presentation Basics the Structure and the Slides
Presentation Basics, the Structure and the Slides - just so it's clear this is another part of the basics Just[...]
Presentation Basics the Purpose and the Audience
Presentation Basics, the Purpose and the Audience - just so it's clear this is part of the basics Of course,[...]
How can I perfect my presentation in English?
This is a new part of the series “How can/do I …?“ questions. Today I will tell you about tips[...]
“How can I …?” Questions
Vocabulary This is part one of the series "How can/do I …? questions" I've been helping all kinds of people[...]
False Friends and How to Avoid Them
The Story of  True and False Friends Many years ago, a good friend, let's call him Sebastian, was working for[...]
6 Tricks to Improve your English in 10 Minutes
In order for you to understand why these 6 tricks to improve your English can be very effective, let me[...]

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Wir sind Nadia Carstens und Yvette Kollar-Müller, Deine Experten rund um Englisch. 
2011 haben wir uns als Trainers4Business zusammen getan. Unsere Mission lautet andere zu unterstützen, ihre sprachlichen Hürden hinter sich zulassen. Auf Grund unserer langjährigen Erfahrungen, unsere Ausbildungen und unserer Leidenschaft für Kommunikation, haben wir bereits viele Menschen zu ihren sprachlichen Zielen begleitet.  

Wir freuen uns, wenn Du unsere Seite mit anderen teilst.


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