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Presentation Basics the Venue, Equipment, Hardware and the Performance

Presentation Basics, the Venue, Equipment, Hardware and the Performance – just so it’s clear this is the final part of the basics

Just like last week’s post, this one is covering the last points of Presentation Basics, the Venue, the Equipment, the Hardware and the Performance. In case you’ve missed the first part, you can find it here and the second part is here. By the way, you can download all points as a PDF document to help you prepare for your next presentation hereAre you ready for the final part of Presentation Basics?


Here we go:


The Venue, the Equipment and the Hardware

This is another important aspect of making your presentation a success. Just imagine, …

… you are invited to attend a presentation the following week. You accept the invitation because the topic sounds promising. So you make sure you get to the venue on time, as you want to have a good seat. A seat from which you can see and hear everything clearly and comfortably. You get there and all the seats have already been taken. Other people, who didn’t get a seat anymore either, are standing at the back of the room. It’s very crowded, you are now in a bad mood and very disappointed. Due to bad lighting and speakers you cannot see or hear anything properly. You are considering leaving the presentation. The speaker starts and at that moment you pray that the presentation will be worth it. Unfortunately, your prayers weren’t heard…

Needless to say this imagined presentation is a failure. In order to prevent some similar scenario happening to you, please consider the following guiding questions:

  • Is the size of the room adequate for the number of people attending?
  • What are the seating and lighting  arrangements?
  • Will you need a microphone?
  • Are the speakers working properly?
  • Which hardware will you use for your presentation?
  • Will your laptop hook up to the projector?
  • Have you made emergency backups?
  • Do you have handouts?
  • Who is responsible for your slideshow? Is someone helping you?
  • Have you tested everything before?


Finally, we’ve reached the last point:

The Performance

I had already mentioned in my blog post titled “How can I perfect my presentation in English?”  – in case you missed it, just click on the title – how important practice is. Having trained many students to give a short presentation as part of an oral business exam, I cannot emphasise this enough.

Practise your …

  • presentation
  • body language
  • pace and timing
  • voice

In case you’re wondering why practice is so important, I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s something my Dad told me back in the day. I remember he was driving me to school early in the morning and I had an exam that day. I was terribly nervous. He asked me if I had practised. I replied that I had practised numerous times. Then he looked at me, smiled and said then you have no reason to be nervous. That’s another reason why practice is so important. It helps you overcome nervousness.

That brings me to the end of the final part of presentation basics. In conclusion, please consider …

All aspects together will make or break your presentation! 


That just about wraps it up for today


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Please join me again next week, when I cover tips on how to overcome nervousness before your presentation, so you can communicate successfully in English and get your point across.

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